Janie's News 'n Views

Written by Janie Grackin

Jul 25, 2009

As parents, we already know that sometimes our children are our teachers.  If only we listen.  When it comes to God and spirituality, I have learned that children are often closer to The Source than we are.  Their lives are uncluttered by the frustrations of politics, business, bill paying, and the current price of gas.

“Children are more open to ideas about God than many of us realize.” (Reform Judaism magazine, Rabbi Edythe Mencher)  Our libraries have many books to teach us and our children about God in our lives.  One of the very best writers on that subject is Rabbi Sandy Sasso Eisenberg.  Rabbi Eisenberg was a guest lecturer at a CAJE Conference (Coalition for Advancements in Jewish Education) at Duke University, and she taught us that “children already have a deep spiritual life, and the role of teachers and parents is to help give expression to what is already inside.”

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